Christchurch EQC Claims Resolution

  • My house has been repaired but I think they have missed some damage, what can I do?

    We can help you reopen the claim with EQC and have the property rescoped. Our value comes from ensuring that all damage is identified and the repair scope reflects not only the immediate work but also any contingent work that might become apparent down the track.

  • My property has a claim with EQC but not the insurance company and now its too late to lodge one?

    No its not too late. EQC is now making ex-gratia payments to people in this very situation so home owners are not left at a loss. There are a number of conditions that need to be met so get in contact to find out if your claim could be resolved through this settlement process.

  • What are my options for settlement?

    Typically EQC like to cash settle but each situation is discussed on a case by case basis.

  • Who is responsible for poor workmanship on past completed repairs?

    Ultimately the contractor who carried out the work is responsible for their mistakes, however, seeking a resolution for poor workmanship depends to some degree on how the project was managed. We are happy to discuss your exact situation if you have any doubts or concerns in regards to poor workmanship and how to get a resolution.

  • Why can't I do this myself?

    You can but our experience has shown that your review will be more comprehensive and the settlement much larger when combined with our knowledge and experience.

  • Why should I choose Reclaim Christchurch?

    To us, you are not just a number in the system. We care for our community and fight every claim as if it’s our own.